Winter Herb Garden

Growing plants during the winter while living in an apartment is almost impossible.  Issues with varying temperatures, watering and light make things even more difficult! Enter the Lilo – a Kickstarter funded project to provide and easy way of lighting, watering and growing herbs indoors. Apart from the inevitable Kickstarter delay, the Lilo really does…

Prague Metronome from above

Letná Park is a great place for early morning walk, afternoon stroll or a beer. Site of the rather confusing Expo 58 Restaurant (the actual expo was in Brussels), a number of odd art installations (one below) and the Prague Metronome, Letná is a great place to relax and take in the wonderful views of Prague Old Town….

Blink and you won’t miss it!

Finally, another Kickstarter campaign has delivered on their promise – Blink.  The Blink camera package consists of one or more battery-powered home security and video monitoring cameras and a base “Sync Module” that proxies the camera to home wifi to online service.  With both iPhone and Android apps, set up is very easy.  Install and connect the Sync…

Instant 360° pictures and video

The panoramic feature of the latest iPhones (including 7 plus) don’t yet capture the complete immersive 360° image or video. The Insta360 from the Shenzhen Arashi Vision Company is both a standalone and designed for iPhone accessory. Kuta Beach, Bali Central Park, New York Emirates A380 First Class

360° filming with the DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic can be used to take 360° images using a third party application called Litchi.  The example below was captured autonomously using the apps “PANO” mode.  To use it, simply launch the app (not the DJI app) and take off in FPV mode.  Once you’ve established the appropriate height and viewpoint for the…