I travel extensively for work and occasionally for a holiday and the equipment I carry only depends on two things!

  • is there any diving?
  • is there any restrictions on flying drones?

IMG_0995If there’s a slight chance of diving then I pack, as a minimum, dive computers and regs.  If there’s no problem with flying personal drones then I pack the DJI Mavic Pro.

The rest of the time that I’m travelling, I usually try and take the following as a minimum!

DJI Controller
Charger (It has two USB charging ports!)
USB 5x charger
Feiyu stabiliser to stabilise the GoPro
Insta 360 for the iPhone and tripod adapter
Spare iPhone
MacBook Pro 2016
480gb ssd from Sandisk
HDMI cable
USB C -> B
Mini USB
Micro USB
SD USB Card reader
iPhone charging cable

Notes on travelling!

Travelling with drones and diving equipment will raise a number of questions, especially regarding the spare LiPo batteries.  After reading around, it’s best to travel with your spare batteries in your carry on luggage with a maximum charge of 50%