DAISHO Hakata Ramen

So, it’s Friday and the turn of the DAISHO Hakata Ramen.  Hakata ramen is supposed to be similar in nature to Tonkotsu; as in they’re both supposed to soup that is made from pork bones.  The Daisho noodles are much thinner that those you’d normally get with a Tonkotsu dish but complement the soup base.  However, it’s the noodles that drop the Daisho offering down the list!


So re-ordering the list from the original post (Build or Buy – the ramen noodle paradox!)

  1. OTTOGI Jin Ramen
  2. NONGSHIM Shin Ramyun
  3. NONGSHIM Kimchi Ramyun
  4. NISSIN Raoh Tonkostu
  5. DAISHO Hakata Ramen
  6. YUMYUM TomYum Shrimp

Those of you who looked at the original post will see that the order hasn’t changed (pure chance!) and that the Ottogi Jin Ramen are top.

So, while I’m currently waiting on a delivery of Nissin Demae Ramen Tonkotsu with Black Garlic Oil to arrive (and a business trip to NYC), the best noodle isn’t a single noodle – I would recommend combining the noodles from the Ottogi Jin Ramen with the soup broth from the Nissan Raoh Tonkostu.

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