Winter Herb Garden

Growing plants during the winter while living in an apartment is almost impossible.  Issues with varying temperatures, watering and light make things even more difficult! Enter the Lilo – a Kickstarter funded project to provide and easy way of lighting, watering and growing herbs indoors.

Apart from the inevitable Kickstarter delay, the Lilo really does live up to it’s promise. It’s very simple to use – unpack the pots, stand and light and assemble (gently as the wood looks like it will split quite easily).  Select your desired seeds, insert them into the capsule and add water.  Then, with the lights plugged in, just sit back and watch. The only additional activities is to add two portions of plant nutrients 2 weeks and then 1 month after sowing the seeds.  The accompanying iPhone app will remind you to add the nutrients based on the type of seed sown! (Although, the app is only in French at the moment!).

Warning : the only odd thing that happens is when the light goes off due to the ambient light level dropping at the end of the day, if you switch on your apartment lights the Lilo light will come back on for a period!

Lilo being watched by the Blink monitor!

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