Blink and you won’t miss it!

Finally, another Kickstarter campaign has delivered on their promise – Blink.  The Blink camera package consists of one or more battery-powered home security and video monitoring cameras and a base “Sync Module” that proxies the camera to home wifi to online service.  With both iPhone and Android apps, set up is very easy.  Install and connect the Sync Module to your home wifi then add each camera unit in turn.


IMG_0236Once setup, the app is reasonably intuitive except that it’s missing one key feature; i.e the ability to save the photos to the cameral role.  I’ve asked if this is by design or simply a missing feature.
When you turn on the motion detection, notifications are generated once the camera(s) notice anything.  The videos are clear and can be downloaded!
All in all, a very nice package.

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